In a small town...

The victims of crime tries to continue with life as best they can. Unfortunately, their lives can be interrupted with a simple rumor. They can feel helpless when an understaffed police department has no leads. So when a child goes missing, everyone is a suspect. And when a mysterious stranger arrives and knows about the abduction, the residences take notice.

Jacob Strong

The stranger with a mysterious pass wandering the streets of a small town looking for shelter. Jacob stumbles into a diner uncertain of what to do next. He meets the woman who reveals more about his past and seals his faith in what will be the discovery of a life span beyond his own.

Lori Watson

The uncertainty of not knowing looms dangerously close to the sanity of a desperate single mother. Yet Lori Watson continues to be strong holding onto faith that someone or something can shed light on the disappearance of her child.

Sam Davidson

A lifelong resident of a small town holds an advantage that is clearly not visible to many. Sam Davidson is no foreigner to corruption but he continues to stay on the correct path because of his own tragic encounters with organized crime.